Thursday, July 13, 2006

The patrol for scams site is finaly available!


For those who want to take the advantage of the site I launch to find to the members real opportunity to make realy good money at home, here is the url:

The url say it all! There you will get unique opportunity to save both time and money. So you should rush an invest in the membership of this new site!

Have a good day and income rate too!!


I take few days to crawl the web for free visitors!

I found lots of "specialized site" in guaranteed visitors, but also lots of scam get rich sites!!!

So I decided to start a little battle against them and make money at the same time by asking a one time join fee for members who will not only make good money at home, but also save time and money by consulting my black list and gold list! But this will be for members only as well as a featured real opportunity. Those featured opportunity won't be some webmasters who will pay me to be my featured opportunity, but a real opportunity that I will fund by myself and I will investigate to see if it's working before. I already have one amazing pearl, but the visitors will need to join the members and pay the one time fee. This is to let me get paid to investigate those hordes of scams and found one real opportunity here and there!

I'm suprise there is not more sites like mine, serious site who will realy go far to find the pearl and then share it with a network of members. The fact is I'm not on earth to get rich, but to experiment and this site is a good experiment and there is my goal. This is my way of making the world better. I just want to see how those scammers will react to my offensive, because we must face it, they are not all the average joe who want to make some money, but well organized team with one functionality throw dirty money on the web to collect back clean money and sometimes make even money on the process. But don't be affraid, as I'm not a burn head and I'm not taking myself for a Rambo warrior. Just an average joe with a good will!

So to all those scammers, ... no hurt feelings and....... let's WAARRR!!!!!

If you steal money from honnest peoples, I will blacklist you and all my members will know you and they will spread the word, within few days the www will know it too !!!!

That's how an average joe can put down an organisation!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Good luck!!!

Sorry to all my readers as I just bust out off my mind for a minutes, but I had to do so as I lost so much times these last few days to fun real opportunity, so imagine how much time all the peoples around the world have losted during those same few days! It could have been more productive and realy make the world business run! That's why I was mad and I start the site, wich is not totaly completed, but it will be ready for tomorrow and then I will put the address here to let you see and give me some feedback, if you want!

Thanks and have a good day!


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Amazing!!! It will be an amazing security feature!!!

I have to make a hard choice between two softwares, but both can do the work, it's just that I need to decide on the way they work, the operational cost and there limitations.

There is some chance that I will even be able to get a more advanced feature that what I tought originaly, even if it was already a feature you can usualy see in those fantastic and futuristic movies.

I have to mention that with this feature, I can tell you that the freak you will have bad intentions about my futur members, must think twice before attempting somthing, he (or she) must go on other less advanced, dating sites, where security is not as important as making money!! (Oh! That one was below the b...!) But it's true and it's the main reason why I start this hole venture, give security, give interaction and make decent money and beleive me it's in this order, because if it wasn't the case, I woudn't be still in construction of that security section of the site. This is the hardest section, as nothing exist like that. The two software that I'm talking in the title can do the work, but they both need some modifications. I will probably be able to take a decision on my final choice as soon as I will receive there both quote and details on the modifications possible. I will keep you informed, as soon as I will make my choice. At that point it can go realy fast for the launch of the site, in the english version at least. Yes I plan to give to members a real multilanguage site, probably about 20 language choices.

Have a good day all!!