Saturday, July 01, 2006

Good news! The first design modification will start soon!

It will only consist on changing the color for the headers of all the box, top header and footer. Adding two photos and replacing the two links to the script builder. Yes, I take the first major decision by using a dating script as the main site script to build my custom web dating site, with a huge quantity of new custom features. This is mainly to save times, as I lost about 17 months already. We just had to debug the script and that start to add features. Now I'm at the stage of redesign a bit that dating script to personalize it and the programmer and I, will start to work probably this week, on adding those new features.

So if you want to get involve in that process, just share your actual and/or your past experiences on dating sites, good or not. You can even ask for some features, I will see if I didn't already choose to add them and if not, I will see if other visitors will ask it too. There is almost 20 features who will be added to the basic usual features you can find on other and most of the major dating sites.

I will ask some questions about the site, to get your opinion, so I will start now with my first question, this is a major issue as most of the major dating site owner or administrators are talking about that. One of the reasons why dating sites didn't have a good reputation, most of the peoples who have already use a dating site, say that a lots of peoples are filling there member's profile with false informations partialy or totaly. After using lots of those sites, intensively, I can say that it's most of the profiles who are not "accurate". Yes, most of you, who complaining about it, are the same peoples who fill those false profiles, in the name of protecting your privacy. I'm not pointing all of you, but most of you. The first one who can stand up and say honnestly that he or she fill there profile with 100% true informations only.

But by doing this, you trap yourself in an unsecure environment. If everybody didn't put true informations, it mean that all of your dates are doing the same, so when come the time to meet those dates, who knows who you realy meet???.....

For the privacy, ALL the dating sites are asking members to use nicknames and to never give any personal contact or informations to OTHER members. I think that the first and the most important responsability of a member, is to fill all the form fields with true information. Each of us must understand that all the personal informations we provide in those sites are regulate by laws and each site who collect those informations, have responsabilities. I think that ALL the dating site owner or administrators, have some responsabilities too. The first one is to collect all the personal information of each member they accept, to identify with any doubt, each member, in the real life. So if a member do a criminal act on the use of the site features, or because of the use of the site, like dating a site member, any where in the world, the administrator of the site should be able to give those personal information to the police force in charge of the criminal event. It must be the only reason why a dating site should share the personal information of any member. That way, member can use the site in a real secure environment and still keep there privacy. Dating site administrator should keep those personnal information on a dedicated server, apart of the rest of the site, and use all the security tools he can get, to take care of the sensitive informations on all the members, to guaranty to each member, that there informations will be stored in a secure server and they will not share it with any third party company, for any reason, with the only exception of a criminal event involving an other member's security or integrity.

So here is my question: Will you register with a dating site and filling all your true personal informations, if I guaranty all members that there informations will be 100% secured and still guaranty in the same time that there sensitive informations will not be shared, with anybody and for any reason, with the only exception of a case of a criminal investigation?

How can a dating site administrator can guaranty a minimum of security if all members are filling the registering form with false informations. Let's face it, truth is always poping out somehow, someday and somewhere. It's your reputation who will be stained. Finaly think that if everybody fill the profile with true information, how it could become a great experience to meet honnest people. The basic ingredient at the formation of any relation is the confident in each other, so how do you think the other one can trust you if you lie to everyone in your profile, do you think saying that it was to keep your privacy intact will make them trust you 100%? No, they will keep a small doubt in there mind and at the first false move from you, they will remember about your lies in your profile and then start to think that if you did it again, you will do it again and again. Your relationship will eventualy failed and you will then have to start again. I will fill my part of the contract, I will put all on place to protect your personal informations, after you will fill it, it will be transfer on an offline server. Anybody who will claim they are you will have to answer few precise questions that you will setup at the time of the registration. Just to add more security, the server will be stored in an encrypted server, password protected and guard 24/24, 7/7 by security guards, the local will be equip with a security camera system and finaly with a well known security alarm system central. The employes(2) who will manualy manipulate your personal informations will be criminal record tracked and a private investigation will be done to ensure that they never got in a non criminal but still compromising situation, like working before for a marketing company, or something like that.


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